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Digital Wallet Startup Coins.Ph, WU Partnership

The digital wallet startup Coins.Ph, recently partnered with Western Union to provide its users with the ability to receive money directly through WU.

Users of the Coins.Ph e-wallet can now conveniently receive the money sent through Western Union. All they have to do is enter their transaction tracking number into the app and their money will immediately be transferred into their app wallet. is a Philippines based digital wallet startup that has become quite popular in the country. A large number of the Philippines’ population live and work abroad as Overseas Filipino Workers or OFWs. They regularly send money back home to their families for everyday use and expenses. Sending money through WU is a common practice and using a mobile wallet will be more convenient for the recipients.

With this latest partnership, the app will only continue to gain more users. Read the complete announcement here: Wallet Holders to Receive Western Union Money Transfers